12V Rose Gold Diamond M Case with 3 Tone Basic Bulb & Stereo

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Glamorous and durable, MASAMI Diamond Makeup Case series is the stylish choice for every MUA and Beauty Enthusiasts.

What is it ?
MASAMi Rose Gold Diamond Medium Case with Basic LED & Stereo. Our new logo features 12 volt energy-saving bulb, lasts for 5000 hours and new speakers position for better music experience.

• 3 Tone Dimmable Basic 12V LED Lights (Warm, Warm White, White)
• Center Mirror
• Cabin Size
• Stereo Sound System
•  Power Efficient        
• Bluetooth System                          
• 2 USB Plugs (for charger only)
• Extra International Electric Plugs     
• Lock and Key System
• Power Plug
• Removable 360 Degrees Wheels
• Removable & Extendable Tray
• Built-in Trolley.

40.5 x 29.5 x 22.8 cm

7.7 kg

**For long lifespan, please use only Masami Shouko LED Lights.


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