Kocostar Apple Slice Mask Sheet (10 pcs)


Get yourself a flawless skin, ultra silky hair and super smooth feet with head-to -toe mask series by Kocostar - a Korean specialized mask brand with the most creative, innovative and unique masks in the world!

What is it?

10 pieces of Kocostar Apple Slice Mask Sheet, each package contains 12 sheet masks with Apple extract for dry skin type. 

This mask contains Vitamin C and apple extract that can make your skin looks brighter and glowing!

- Helps make your skin looks brighter
- Helps improve you skin's elasticity
- Helps treat your pimples
- Helps remove wrinkles, flecks and panda eyes
- Used as anti oxidant
- Soft texture, safe for sensitive skin

How to use:
• Clean your face thoroughly and use toner to remove the all makeup residue
• Take out the sheet mask from its packaging
• Apply mask onto your skin (suitable for your face and body)
• Let sit for 15 – 20 minutes, then remove the mask
• Gently massage your face until the essence is well-absorbed into your skin
• No need to wash after use

1. Stop usage when irritation, red or other abnormalities appears on your skin
2. Do not use on areas with open wounds, eczema or dermatitis

1Box = 10 Pcs


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