Kocostar Black Lip Mask (20 Pieces)

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Get yoursefl a flawless skin, ultra silky hair and super smooth feet with head-to -toe mask series by Kocostar - a Korean specialized mask brand with the most creative, innovative and unique masks in the world!

What is it?
20 Pieces Black Lip Mask for a soft and kissable lips!

Black Lip Mask is a hydrogel lip patch that provides excellent moisture and nourishment for dry, chapped lips. Enjoy the mask's moist of touch to the lips and its soothing, black cherry fragrance. Your lips will look and feel irresistible!

- With the shape of lips
- Great for dry, chapped lips
- Lips would left moisturized and elasticized without sticky residue

How to use:
1. Take out a lip mask using the enclosed spatula
2. Place mask on clean lips and leave on for about 10 minutes.
3. Remove the mask and pat the excess essence

***Discontinue usage if irritation occurs

20 Patches


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