Red Bean Blending Sponge


Looking for the ideal makeup tools? MASAMI is here to help you create the perfect look, with specially crafted beauty tools made by professionals.

What is it ?
Experience MASAMI's new blending sponge in Japanese Dessert Series; Red Bean.

The curvy-shaped blending sponge is great to create a flawless and smooth finish.  Gripping from the ridge of the sponge makes the application more intense.


How to use:
1. Wet sponge and firmly squeeze out  all excess water
2. When applying makeup, bounce the sponge lightly  and DO NOT rub

To erase makeup,  drag the sponge  across the area

To clean, hand wash  with gentle soap  in mild water, rinse well  and air dry.

• Latex Free
• Extra Soft
• Extra Bouncy
• 2x Bigger When Wet

5 cm x 5 cm x 7.5 cm


25 gr


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