Curving 38mm Eyelash Curler Sakura Edition



KOJI HONPO CO., LTD developed and manufactured false eyelash for the first time in Japan. KOJI has also been well known as a manufacturer for “EyeTalk” & “Dolly Wink (produced by Ms Tsubasa Masuwaka”).

What is it?
A Limited Sakura Edition eyelash curler with an innovative size of 38mm width that covers the roots of eyelashes when curling.

Wide at 38mm from edge to edge, ensuring total lash coverage for a beautiful radial curve across all the lashes.

How to Use:
  1. Look straight ahead with the eyes wide open. Line up the frame with the lash line.
  2. Once the frame is lined up correctly with the lash line, the eyelashes will rise up from the roots.
  3. Press the frame together a number of times, working the frame out towards the tips a little at a time.


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