Dentiste Oral Rinse (450 ml)


DENTISTE, one of leaders in premium oral care solution with its products spreading worldwide. Offers premium natural products equipped with many of the world’s most advanced dental technologies backed by solid clinical studies, thus helping people take superior care of their oral hygiene.

What is it?
Dentiste Oral Rinse 450 ML

+ Contains natural extract to reduce oral bacteria safely and effectively for a long lasting fresh & cleaner breath.
+ Moisturizes the mouth to prevent dtyness and will not cause oral irritations.
+ Increases self-cleaning saliva flow with an effective natural cleanser that inhibits bacteria causing bad breath
+ Promotes natural remineralization (process of bringing minerals back to the teeth) to counter demineralization (tooth erosion)
+ fight plaque and gingivitis to prevent tooth decay
+ Protect gums

How to use:
Gargle a capful of oral rinse throughly for 60 seconds and spit it out. Use twice a day for maximum result.

Net Weight:
450 ML

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