I'm The one 28mm


Complete your falsies collection with Mink Lash series from Kay Beauty! All Mink lashes have their unique natural curl and shine that other lashes cannot duplicate.

What is it?
Serena Mink Lash 28mm, that suits your independent and confident character.

Serena is a thick eyelash designed to flare on the outer edge. This multi-layered eyelash is designed uniquely to give you an elegant and fabulous look.

- Natural curl & shine
- Up to 25 times use with proper usage
- 100% Cruelty Free
- Curved & lightweight band
- Safe for sensitive eyes

**All mink hair is taken during the animals natural shedding season, so no animal was harmed in the making of this lashes.

How to Use:
1. Ensure your eyelid is clean and dry
2. Gently remove lash from the tray using your fingers or tweezers
3. Fit lash by holding it in front of your eye to determine correct length, then cut off the excess length
4. Apply eyelash adhesive to the band and wait for adhesive to become sticky (10-20 seconds)
5. Place lash close to the roots of your natural lash, from the inside corner of eye
6. Press gently across entire lash

How to Remove:
1. Gently peel lash off from the inside of the eye
2. Use cotton swab with makeup remover to clean excess glue

1 Pair

14 cm x 5.9 cm x 2 cm

0.025 kg


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