Cosme Contact Lens 1 Day Disposable - Midnight Blue

Rp 219,000

Shop SHOBI, one of the most widely known companies since 1948 that brings Kawaii aesthetic to the world through their high quality cosmetic, makeup tools and beauty assecories.

What is it?
1 Day Disposable Cosme Contact Lens in Midnight Blue color, a fusion between blue and light brown color that creates a dazzling, bigger eyes. The pattern gives a unique look to the eyes.

Midnight Blue

- To replace using eyeglasses
- Make your eyes look brighter

Lens Information:
For normal eyes (0.00)

1. 1 (One) Day
This contact lens is only for one day (maximum) and should be disposed after usage. Using this contact lens for multiple times may cause irritation.
2. DIA 14.3 mm | B.C 8.6 mm
All contact lens in this series comes in 14.3 cm of diameter and 8.6 mm of base curve. Highly recommended for daily use.
3. Water Content 55%
SHOBI Contact Lens have 55% of water content, which included in high category.
4. 10 Lenses
Each box of 1 Day Disposable Cosme Contact Lens contain 5 pair or 10 contact lenses that can be used anytime.


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