SPC Thermogun


What is it?
SPC Thermo Gun TG-05 is certified by Indonesian Health Ministry and distributed with an official permission from BNPB, that works by measuring your body temperature accurately, without making contact with your skin, but by using Infrared, instead.

These days where sickness issues are crucial, keep your health on track by checking your body temperature routinely. The body changes its normal temperature to support the body’s own defence mechanisms, to fight fever for example, for it’s the most common form of disease-related increase in body temperature.

The Thermo Gun is very fast compared to other thermometers, because of its infrared technology that will only take one second to perform its calculations. The gun shape makes it easy to use, no contact, and no radiation.


  • Non-contact (5 to 15 cm from your forehead)
  • Fast and accurate measurement (1 second)
  • LED backlit display
  • DC9V battery slot
  • Temperature mode: 32.0 °C - 42.9 °C
  • No radiation
  • Automatic shutdown
  • 6 months factory warranty
  • Hospital grade

How to Use:
Point the Thermo Gun to your forehead while pressing the button. Wait for a few seconds to see the temperature displayed on the LED.


16 x 10 x 4.6 cm



215 g

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