Kocostar Watermelon Slice Mask Sheet


Get yourself a flawless skin, ultra silky hair and super smooth feet with head-to -toe mask series by Kocostar - a Korean specialized mask brand with the most creative, innovative and unique masks in the world!

What is it?

2 pieces of Watermelon Slice Mask Sheet with Watermelon extract to enhance you skin's vibrant.

Each pack contains 12 slice mask sheets.

1. Make your skin healthier
2. Acts as anti-oxidant
3. Moisturizing skin
4. Enhance skin's vibrant

- Suitable for all skin type
- Suitable to be used on your face, body, and other particular skin areas

How to use:
• Clean your face thoroughly, and don't forget to use toner to clean your skin from makeup resideue
• Take out sheet mask from the packaging, then apply them onto your skin
• Rest  for 15 – 20 minutes before removing
• Gently massage the remaining essence until absorbed well into your skin
• No need to wash after use.

Usage Precautions:
1. Stop using if you getting irritation, red skin or other abnormalities.
2. Do not use on areas with open wounds, eczema or dermatitis.

12 Pieces on each pack


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